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cli attribute

The following operations can be performed on "cli attribute":

show cli attribute

Display attributes of the NetScaler CLI


show cli attribute



The construct that is used to quote strings that are to be taken as-is, without interpreting escape sequences like "


This construct consists of: a 'q', followed by a delimiter character; the string follows immediately after the delimiter and is terminated by the first matching delimiter character. (The set of possible delimiter characters is listed below.)

For example, q/a

/ will result in a three-character string ('a', '', 'n'); whereas "a

" results in a two-character string ('a' followed by a newline).


The set of characters that can be used as the delimiter in a q// construct. Characters shown in pairs must be used that way, whereas characters shown singly server as thier own matching delimiter.

For example, q?abc? and q{abc} are valid q// constructs, and evaluate to the string "abc"; q{abc{ is however not a valid q// construct so it will evaluate to the string "q{abc{".

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