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ns vpxparam

The following operations can be performed on "ns vpxparam":

set | show

set ns vpxparam

Set vpx configuration settings for the existing vpx.


set ns vpxparam -cpuyield <cpuyield>



This setting applicable in virtual appliances, is to affect the cpu yield(relinquishing the cpu resources) in any hypervised environment.

  • There are 3 options for the behavior:

  • YES - Allow the Virtual Appliance to yield its vCPUs periodically, if there is no data traffic.

  • NO - Virtual Appliance will not yield the vCPU.

  • DEFAULT - Restores the default behaviour, according to the license.

  • Its behavior in different scenarios:

  • As this setting is node specific only, it will not be applicable in Cluster and HA scenarios.

  • This setting is a system wide implementation and not granular to vCPUs.

  • No effect on the management PE.

Possible values: DEFAULT, YES, NO


set ns vpxparam -cpuyield YES/NO

show ns vpxparam

Display the vpx configuration setting for the vpx.


show ns vpxparam



Display the vCPU yield setting. In a virtual appliance, CPU yield attribute will release the CPU processing for other virtual appliances on the same platform.

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