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Statistics for cache.


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Name Data Type PermissionsDescription
clearstats<String>Read-writeClear the statsistics / counters.<br>Possible values = basic, full
cachemaxmemorykb<Double>Read-onlyLargest amount of memory the NetScaler can dedicate to caching, up to 50% of available memory. A 0 value disables caching, but the caching module continues to run.
cacherecentpercentsuccessfulrevalidation<Double>Read-onlyRecently recorded percentage of times stored content was successfully revalidated by a 304 response rather than by a full response
cacherecentpercentstoreablemiss<Double>Read-onlyRecently recorded ratio of store-able misses to all misses expressed as percentage.
cacherecentpercentparameterizedhits<Double>Read-onlyRecently recorded ratio of parameterized 304 hits to all parameterized hits expressed as a percentage
cacherecentpercentoriginbandwidthsaved<Double>Read-onlyBytes served from cache divided by total bytes served to client. This ratio can be greater than 1 because of the assumption that all compression has been done in the NetScaler.
cacherecentpercenthit<Double>Read-onlyRecently recorded cache hit ratio expressed as percentage
cacherecentpercentbytehit<Double>Read-onlyRecently recorded cache byte hit ratio expressed as percentage. Here we define byte hit ratio as ((number of bytes served from the cache)/(total number of bytes served to the client)). This is the standard definition of Byte Hit Ratio. If compression is turned ON in NS then this ratio doesnt mean much. This might under or over estimate the origin-to-cache bandwidth saving (depending upon whether bytes served by CMP in NetScaler are more or less than compressed bytes served from the cache). If CMP is turned OFF in NS then this ratio is same as cacheRecentPercentOriginBandwidthSaved.
cacherecentpercent304hits<Double>Read-onlyRecently recorded ratio of 304 hits to all hits expressed as percentage
cacheutilizedmemorykb<Double>Read-onlyAmount of memory the integrated cache is currently using.
cachemaxmemoryactivekb<Double>Read-onlyCurrently active value of maximum memory
cache64maxmemorykb<Double>Read-onlyLargest amount of memory the NetScaler can dedicate to caching, up to 50% of available memory. A 0 value disables caching, but the caching module continues to run.
cachepercentpethits<Double>Read-onlyPercentage of cache hits in content groups that have Poll Every Time enabled, relative to all searches of content groups with Poll Every Time enabled.
cachetotpethits<Double>Read-onlyNumber of times a cache hit was found during a search of a content group that has Poll Every Time enabled.
cachepethitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotpethits
cachepercentparameterized304hits<Double>Read-onlyPercentage of parameterized 304 hits relative to all parameterized hits.
cachetotparameterizedhits<Double>Read-onlyParameterized requests resulting in either a 304 or non-304 hit.
cacheparameterizedhitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotparameterizedhits
cachepercentsuccessfulrevalidation<Double>Read-onlyPercentage of times stored content was successfully revalidated by a 304 (Object Not Modifed) response rather than by a full response
cachepercentstoreablemiss<Double>Read-onlyResponses that were fetched from the origin, stored in the cache, and then served to the client, as a percentage of all cache misses.
cachetotfulltoconditionalrequest<Double>Read-onlyNumber of user-agent requests for a cached Poll Every Time (PET) response that were sent to the origin server as conditional requests.
cachefulltoconditionalrequestrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotfulltoconditionalrequest
cachetotsuccessfulrevalidation<Double>Read-onlyTotal number of times stored content was successfully revalidated by a 304 Not Modified response from the origin.
cachesuccessfulrevalidationrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotsuccessfulrevalidation
cachetotrevalidationmiss<Double>Read-onlyResponses that an intervening cache revalidated with the integrated cache before serving, as determined by a Cache-Control: Max-Age header configurable in the integrated cache
cacherevalidationmissrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotrevalidationmiss
cachetotnonstoreablemisses<Double>Read-onlyCache misses for which the fetched response is not stored in the cache. These responses match policies with a NOCACHE action or are affected by Poll Every Time.
cachenonstoreablemissesrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotnonstoreablemisses
cachetotstoreablemisses<Double>Read-onlyCache misses for which the fetched response is stored in the cache before serving it to the client. Storable misses conform to a built-in or user-defined caching policy that contains a CACHE action.
cachestoreablemissesrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotstoreablemisses
cachecompressedbytesserved<Double>Read-onlyNumber of compressed bytes served from the cache
cachecompressedbytesservedrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachecompressedbytesserved
cachepercentbytehit<Double>Read-onlyBytes served from the cache divided by total bytes served to the client. If compression is On in the NetScaler, this ratio may not reflect the bytes served by the compression module. If the compression is Off, this ratio is the same as cachePercentOriginBandwidthSaved.
cachebytesserved<Double>Read-onlyTotal number of bytes served from the integrated cache
cachebytesservedrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachebytesserved
cachetotresponsebytes<Double>Read-onlyTotal number of HTTP response bytes served by NetScaler from both the origin and the cache
cacheresponsebytesrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotresponsebytes
cachepercent304hits<Double>Read-only304 responses as a percentage of all responses that the NetScaler served.
cachenummarker<Double>Read-onlyMarker objects created when a response exceeds the maximum or minimum size for entries in its content group or has not yet received the minimum number of hits required for items in its content group.
cachepercentoriginbandwidthsaved<Double>Read-onlyPercentage of origin bandwidth saved, expressed as number of bytes served from the integrated cache divided by all bytes served. The assumption is that all compression is done in the NetScaler.
cachepercenthit<Double>Read-onlyCache hits as percentage of the total number of requests
cachetotmisses<Double>Read-onlyIntercepted HTTP requests requiring fetches from origin server.
cachemissesrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotmisses
cachetothits<Double>Read-onlyResponses served from the integrated cache. These responses match a policy with a CACHE action.
cachehitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetothits
cachetotrequests<Double>Read-onlyTotal cache hits plus total cache misses.
cacherequestsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotrequests
cachenumcached<Double>Read-onlyResponses currently in integrated cache. Includes responses fully downloaded, in the process of being downloaded, and expired or flushed but not yet removed.
cachecurhits<Double>Read-onlyThis number should be close to the number of hits being served currently.
cachecurmisses<Double>Read-onlyResponses fetched from the origin and served from the cache. Should approximate storable misses. Does not include non-storable misses.
cachetotnon304hits<Double>Read-onlyTotal number of full (non-304) responses served from the cache. A 304 status code indicates that a response has not been modified since the last time it was served
cachenon304hitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotnon304hits
cachetot304hits<Double>Read-onlyObject not modified responses served from the cache. (Status code 304 served instead of the full response.)
cache304hitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetot304hits
cachetotsqlhits<Double>Read-onlysql response served from cache
cachesqlhitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotsqlhits
cachetotexpireatlastbyte<Double>Read-onlyInstances of content expiring immediately after receiving the last body byte due to the Expire at Last Byte setting for the content group.
cacheexpireatlastbyterate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotexpireatlastbyte
cachetotflashcachemisses<Double>Read-onlyNumber of requests to a content group with flash cache enabled that were cache misses. Flash cache distributes the response to all the clients in aqueue.
cacheflashcachemissesrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotflashcachemisses
cachetotflashcachehits<Double>Read-onlyNumber of requests to a content group with flash cache enabled that were cache hits. The flash cache setting queues requests that arrive simultaneously and distributes the response to all the clients in the queue.
cacheflashcachehitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotflashcachehits
cachetotparameterizedinvalidationrequests<Double>Read-onlyRequests matching a policy with an invalidation (INVAL) action and a content group that uses an invalidation selector or parameters.
cacheparameterizedinvalidationrequestsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotparameterizedinvalidationrequests
cachetotnonparameterizedinvalidationrequests<Double>Read-onlyRequests that match an invalidation policy where the invalGroups parameter is configured and expires one or more content groups.
cachenonparameterizedinvalidationrequestsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotnonparameterizedinvalidationrequests
cachetotinvalidationrequests<Double>Read-onlyRequests that match an invalidation policy and result in expiration of specific cached responses or entire content groups.
cacheinvalidationrequestsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotinvalidationrequests
cachetotparameterizedrequests<Double>Read-onlyTotal number of requests where the content group has hit and invalidation parameters or selectors.
cacheparameterizedrequestsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotparameterizedrequests
cachetotparameterizednon304hits<Double>Read-onlyParameterized requests resulting in a full response (not status code 304: Object Not Updated) served from the cache.
cacheparameterizednon304hitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotparameterizednon304hits
cachetotparameterized304hits<Double>Read-onlyParameterized requests resulting in an object not modified (status code 304) response.
cacheparameterized304hitsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotparameterized304hits
cachetotpetrequests<Double>Read-onlyRequests that triggered a search of a content group that has Poll Every Time (PET) enabled (always consult the origin server before serving cached data).
cachepetrequestsrate<Double>Read-onlyRate (/s) counter for cachetotpetrequests
cacheerrmemalloc<Double>Read-onlyTotal number of times the cache failed to allocate memory to store responses.
cachelargestresponsereceived<Double>Read-onlySize, in bytes, of largest response sent to client from the cache or the origin server.


(click to see Properties)


Some options that you can use for each operations:

  • Getting warnings in response: NITRO allows you to get warnings in an operation by specifying the "warning" query parameter as "yes". For example, to get warnings while connecting to the NetScaler appliance, the URL is as follows:


    If any, the warnings are displayed in the response payload with the HTTP code "209 X-NITRO-WARNING".

  • Authenticated access for individual NITRO operations: NITRO allows you to logon to the NetScaler appliance to perform individual operations. You can use this option instead of creating a NITRO session (using the login object) and then using that session to perform all operations,

    To do this, you must specify the username and password in the request header of the NITRO request as follows:



    Note: In such cases, make sure that the request header DOES not include the following:



Mandatory parameters are marked in red and placeholder content is marked in <green>.

get (all)

URL: http://<netscaler-ip-address>/nitro/v1/stat/cache




Use this query-parameter to get cache resources based on additional properties.

HTTP Method: GET

Request Headers:

Cookie:NITRO_AUTH_TOKEN=<tokenvalue> Accept:application/json


HTTP Status Code on Success: 200 OK HTTP Status Code on Failure: 4xx <string> (for general HTTP errors) or 5xx <string> (for NetScaler-specific errors). The response payload provides details of the errorResponse Headers:


Response Payload:

{ "cache": [ {
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