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Cloud Bridge Features of different licenses. This NITRO resource is applicable for CloudBridge SM83, SM85, SM88, VPX, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 2000WS and 3000 platforms only.

Read/write properties

Read only properties

graceenddate <String>

End date of grace license.

name <String>

Name of license.

licensetype <String>

Type of license.

graceperiodexpired <Boolean>

Grace period expiration flag.

usagedate <String>

License expiration date.

upgradedate <String>

Upgrate expiration date.

details <String>

Description of license.

settings <String>

Configurable settings of license.


Note: In request payload, Mandatory parameters are marked red and bold.


URL: http://<CBIP>/cb/nitro/v1/config/licensing_features

HTTP Method: GET

Response Payload: JSON

{ "licensing_features":{
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