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Use Citrix Provisioning programming interfaces to manage your implementation from a command line or from scripts. Only users with correct administrative privileges can use programming commands. Non-administrators, that do not have elevated privileges and attempt to use these commands, will receive the ‘Invalid access’ message.

Four different programming interfaces exist:

  • Management Command Line Interface (SOAP SERVER)
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Server Programmer Interface
  • PowerShell Programmer Interface with Objects
  • PowerShell Programmer Interface (Deprecated)

This document provides the information needed to use this interface.

Using the SOAP Server Interface

Use the information that follows to manage a Citrix Provisioning implementation from the SOAP SERVER interface. The SOAP API permits you to do everything that can be done using the Console.

Client Proxy

If Visual Basic or C# is going to be used to interface with the SOAP interface, the svcutil.exe tool, provided with Microsoft Visual Studio can be used to generate the client side proxy.

svcutil.exe /out:CommandSet.cs http://host_name:8000/pvs/mapi/commandset svcutil.exe /language:vb /out:CommandSet.bas http://host_name:8000/pvs/mapi/commandset

Where host_name is the server’s hostname.

Was this article helpful?