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SOAP server interface to manage Citrix Provisioning 2003 implementation

SOAP server interface is one of the four programming interfaces used for Citrix Provisioning implementation from a command line or scripts.

The four different programming interfaces that exist are:

  • Management Command Line Interface (SOAP SERVER)
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Server Programmer Interface
  • PowerShell Programmer Interface with Objects
  • PowerShell Programmer Interface (Deprecated)

Use the SOAP APIs to manage Citrix Provisioning implementation from the SOAP server interface.

Short command list, commands categorized by object type, and status codes for each command are provided as reference for using the SOAP APIs.


You must have correct administrative privileges to use the programming commands. If you attempt to use the commands without having elevated privileges, the system displays an ‘Invalid access’ message.

Using the SOAP Server Interface

Use the information that follows to manage a Citrix Provisioning implementation from the SOAP SERVER interface. The SOAP API permits you to do everything that can be done using the Console.

Client Proxy

If Visual Basic or C# is going to be used to interface with the SOAP interface, the svcutil.exe tool, provided with Microsoft Visual Studio can be used to generate the client side proxy.

svcutil.exe /out:CommandSet.cs http://host_name:8000/pvs/mapi/commandset svcutil.exe /language:vb /out:CommandSet.bas http://host_name:8000/pvs/mapi/commandset

Where host_name is the server’s hostname.

Was this article helpful?