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Import a NetScaler remote access configuration


Import-STFNetScalerConfiguration [-Configuration] <NetScalerConfigurationDocument> [[-PropagateChanges] <SwitchParameter>] [[-RoamingGatewaysToOverwrite] <RoamingGateway[]>] [[-CreateNew] <SwitchParameter>] [[-LogonType] <Domain | RSA | DomainAndRSA | SMS | SmartCard | SmartCardDomain | SmartCardRSA | SmartCardDomainAndRSA | SmartCardSMS>] [[-CallbackUrl] <String>] [[-GatewayIndex] <Int32>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Import a NetScaler remote access configuration supplied by a NetScaler administrator.

Read-STFNetScalerConfiguration Wait-STFPublishServerGroupConfiguration


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input
Configuration A NetScaler configuration to be imported into StoreFront. true true (ByValue)
PropagateChanges Propagate configuration changes to other members of the cluster. false false
RoamingGatewaysToOverwrite Specify gateways that should be overwritten if the import finds more than one matching gateway that will be overwritten by the import. false false
CreateNew Specify that a new gateway should be created rather than update an existing gateway. false false
LogonType Specify the logon type for a gateway overriding whatever is specified in the configuration document. false false
CallbackUrl Optional callback url to replace the suggested url if it cannot be resolved. false false
GatewayIndex Optional ability to specify which gateway from the configuration which will be imported. false false

Input Type


Parameter Configuration: The .NET 'Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.NetScalerConfiguration.NetScalerConfigurationDocument' reference type


Parameter PropagateChanges: The .NET 'System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter' value type


Parameter RoamingGatewaysToOverwrite: The .NET 'Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.RoamingGateway' reference type


Parameter CreateNew: The .NET 'System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter' value type


Parameter LogonType: The .NET 'Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.NetScalerConfiguration.ImportLogonType' value type


Parameter CallbackUrl: The .NET 'System.String' reference type


Parameter GatewayIndex: The .NET 'System.Int32' value type

Return Values


The .NET 'Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.NetScalerConfiguration.DocumentValidation' reference type


-WhatIf parameter can be used to verify the configuration consistency.


EXAMPLE 1 Import a NetScaler remote access configuration

$netscalerConfiguration = Read-STFNetScalerConfiguration –Path C:\NSG\
$stasToUpdate = Test-STFSecureTicketAuthority -StaConfigurationObject $netscalerConfiguration
Import-STFNetScalerConfiguration -Configuration $netscalerConfiguration



The example reads in a NetScaler configuration package, validates that the Secure Ticket Authorities can be resolved 
and imports the configuration.

If validation errors are found they are output to the pipeline. If propagating to the cluster the progress can be 
monitored with Wait-STFPublishServerGroupConfiguration

EXAMPLE 2 Import specific vServer from NetScaler remote access configuration file.

$ImportedGateways = Read-STFNetScalerConfiguration -path "$env: USERPROFILE\desktop\"
Import-STFNetScalerConfiguration -Configuration $ImportedGateways -GatewayIndex 0
Import-STFNetScalerConfiguration -Configuration $ImportedGateways -GatewayIndex 1
Import-STFNetScalerConfiguration -Configuration $ImportedGateways -GatewayIndex 2


The example reads in a NetScaler configuration package and then imports the first gateway defined in the package, followed by the second and the third.

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