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Removes a session manager trusted issuer object from a store.


Remove-STFSessionManagerTrustedIssuer [-StoreService] <StoreService> [-SessionManagerTrustedIssuer] <SessionManagerTrustedIssuer> [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

SessionManagerTrustedIssuers are used to indicate that SAML assertions originating from a session manager are to be trusted if they are signed by the certificate in the trusted issuer.

Add-STFSessionManagerTrustedIssuer New-STFSessionManagerTrustedIssuer *Get-STFStoreService


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input
StoreService The store service that this session manager trusted issuer will be removed from true true (ByValue)
SessionManagerTrustedIssuer The session manager trusted issuer object that is to be added to the store true false

Input Type


Parameter StoreService: A .NET class representing the configuration of a StoreFront Store service


Parameter SessionManagerTrustedIssuer: The .NET 'Citrix.StoreFront.Model.SessionManager.SessionManagerTrustedIssuer' reference type

Return Values


EXAMPLE 1 Remove a session manager trusted issuer from a store.

$storeService = Get-STFStoreService
$trustedIssuer = $storeService.SessionManagerSettings.SessionManagerTrustedIssuers | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq 'test issuer'}
Remove-STFSessionManagerTrustedIssuer -StoreService $storeService -SessionManagerTrustedIssuer $trustedIssuer


Remove a session manager trusted issuer from a store.

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