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Set the WebReceiver authentication methods


Set-STFWebReceiverAuthenticationMethods [-WebReceiverService] <WebReceiverService> [[-AuthenticationMethods] <String[]>] [[-TokenLifeTime] <TimeSpan>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Sets the list of allowed authentication methods for a given Web Receiver site. The accepted authentication method names are: "ExplicitForms" - explicit authentication with user credentials "IntegratedWindows" - domain pass - through authentication "Certificate" - smart card authentication "CitrixAGBasic" - NetScaler Gateway single sign - on This cmdlet is typically used to restrict the authentication methods enabled for a Web Receiver site to a subset of those enabled for its associated Authentication service. Note, a Web Receiver authentication method is only effective when enabled for both the Web Receiver site and its associated Authentication service.

Get-STFWebReceiverAuthenticationMethods Get-STFWebReceiverAuthenticationMethodsAvailable


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input
WebReceiverService The WebReceiver service. true true (ByValue)
AuthenticationMethods Authentication methods to support false false
TokenLifeTime The lifetime of the authentication token before it expiries. false false

Input Type


Parameter WebReceiverService: A .NET class representing the configuration of a StoreFront Web Receiver service


Parameter AuthenticationMethods: The .NET 'System.String' reference type


Parameter TokenLifeTime: The .NET 'System.TimeSpan' value type

Return Values


EXAMPLE 1 Set authentication methods

$webReceiver = Get-STFWebReceiverService "/Citrix/StoreWeb"
Set-STFWebReceiverAuthenticationMethods -WebReceiverService $webReceiver -AuthenticationMethods Get-STFWebReceiverAuthenticationMethodsAvailable


Set the current WebReceiver authentication methods for /Citrix/StoreWeb to be all those available.

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