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Create a new in memory Gateway that can be added and used for remote access and authentication.


New-STFRoamingGateway [-Name] <String> [-LogonType] <UsedForHDXOnly | Domain | RSA | DomainAndRSA | SMS | GatewayKnows | SmartCard | None> [[-SmartCardFallbackLogonType] <UsedForHDXOnly | Domain | RSA | DomainAndRSA | SMS | GatewayKnows | SmartCard | None>] [[-Version] <Version10_0_69_4 | Version9x>] [-GatewayUrl] <Uri> [[-CallbackUrl] <Uri>] [[-SessionReliability] <SwitchParameter>] [[-RequestTicketTwoSTAs] <SwitchParameter>] [[-SubnetIPAddress] <String>] [[-SecureTicketAuthorityUrls] <Uri[]>] [[-StasUseLoadBalancing] <SwitchParameter>] [[-StasBypassDuration] <TimeSpan>] [[-GslbUrl] <Uri>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Create a new Gateway that can be added to the global gateway list. Gateways for remote access and authentication are added to Stores from the globally managed list.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
Name Gateway friendly name true true (ByValue)
LogonType The login type required and supported by the Gateway true false
SmartCardFallbackLogonType The login type to use when SmartCard fails false false
Version The Citrix NetScaler Gateway version false false
GatewayUrl The Gateway Url true false
CallbackUrl The Gateway authentication call-back Url false false
SessionReliability Enable session reliability. Session Reliability keeps sessions active and on the user’s screen when network connectivity is interrupted. Users continue to see the application they are using until network connectivity resumes false false
RequestTicketTwoSTAs Request STA tickets from two STA servers (Requires two STA servers) false false
SubnetIPAddress IP address false false
SecureTicketAuthorityUrls Secure Ticket Authority server Urls. The Secure Ticket Authority (STA) is responsible for issuing session tickets in response to connection requests for published resources on XenApp. These session tickets form the basis of authentication and authorization for access to published resources false false
StasUseLoadBalancing Load balance between the configured STA servers (requires two or more STA servers) false false
StasBypassDuration Time before retrying a failed STA server false false
GslbUrl An optional URL which corresponds to the GSLB domain used by multiple gateways false false

Input Type


Parameter Name: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter LogonType: The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.GatewayLogonType value type


Parameter SmartCardFallbackLogonType: The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.GatewayLogonType value type


Parameter Version: The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.GatewayVersion value type


Parameter GatewayUrl: The .NET System.Uri reference type


Parameter CallbackUrl: The .NET System.Uri reference type


Parameter SessionReliability: The .NET System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter value type


Parameter RequestTicketTwoSTAs: The .NET System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter value type


Parameter SubnetIPAddress: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter SecureTicketAuthorityUrls: The .NET System.Uri reference type


Parameter StasUseLoadBalancing: The .NET System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter value type


Parameter StasBypassDuration: The .NET System.TimeSpan value type


Parameter GslbUrl: The .NET System.Uri reference type

Return Values


The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.RoamingGateway reference type


EXAMPLE 1 Add Version 10x Gateway

$gw New-STFRoamingGateway -Name "Netscaler10x" -LogonType Domain -Version Version10_0_69_4 -GatewayUrl https://gateway.citrix.storefront -CallbackUrl https://gateway.citrix.storefront/callback -SessionReliability:$true -RequestTicketTwoSTAs:$true -SubnetIPAddress -SecureTicketAuthorityUrls https://XenApp1STA,https://XenApp2STA -PassThru
Add-STFRoamingGateway $gw


Add a version 10 or greater Gateway.

EXAMPLE 2 Add Version 9 Gateway

Add-STFRoamingGateway -Name "Netscaler9" -LogonType SmartCard -SmartCardFallbackLogonType Domain -Version Version9x -GatewayUrl https://EuNetscaler -CallbackUrl https://EuNetscaler/Callback -SessionReliability -RequestTicketTwoSTAs -SubnetIPAddress -SecureTicketAuthorityUrls https://myxs/STA -PassThru


Add a version 9 Gateway.

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