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Register a launch Gateway with a Store


Register-STFStoreOptimalLaunchGateway [-Gateway] <RoamingGateway> [[-FarmName] <String[]>] [[-ZoneName] <String[]>] [[-EnabledOnDirectAccess] <SwitchParameter>] [-StoreService] <StoreService> [<CommonParameters>]

Register-STFStoreOptimalLaunchGateway [-NeverLaunchThroughGateway] <SwitchParameter> [[-FarmName] <String[]>] [[-ZoneName] <String[]>] [[-EnabledOnDirectAccess] <SwitchParameter>] [-StoreService] <StoreService> [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Configure optimal NetScaler Gateway routing to optimize the handling of ICA connection routing from the HDX engine to published resources such as XenDesktop VDAs or XenApp or XenDesktop published applications using StoreFront. Typically, the optimal gateway for a site is collocated in the same geographical location. Optionally configure a farm or farms to never use a gateway, "UseNoOptimalGateway".


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
Gateway Gateway to register true true (ByValue)
NeverLaunchThroughGateway Use no Gateway for the Farms specified true false
FarmName Farms to use the Gateway for false false
ZoneName Zones to use the Gateway for false false
EnabledOnDirectAccess Route connections through the Gateway when users are on the internal network false false
StoreService Route connections through the Gateway when users are on the internal network true false

Input Type


Parameter Gateway: The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.RoamingGateway reference type


Parameter NeverLaunchThroughGateway: The .NET System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter value type


Parameter FarmName: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter ZoneName: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter EnabledOnDirectAccess: The .NET System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter value type


Parameter StoreService: A .NET class representing the configuration of a StoreFront Store service

Return Values



When an existing Optimal gateway registration requires an update to include additional farms then it must be unregistered using UnRegister-STFStoreOptimalLaunchGateway -Gateway $gateway and then re-registered with the new list of farms / zones.

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