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Update a NetScaler gateway STA configuration


Update-STFSecureTicketAuthority [-StaConfigurationObject] <IStaServerData> [-StaServers] <Hashtable> [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Update a PowerShell object populated with a NetScaler gateway STA configuration. The cmdlet can be used to update invalid or uncontactable STA servers.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
StaConfigurationObject A configuration object supporting validation of STA servers. true true (ByValue)
StaServers A hashtable of STA urls present in the configuration mapped to the required STA urls. true false

Input Type


Parameter StaConfigurationObject: The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Roaming.NetScalerConfiguration.IStaServerData reference type


Parameter StaServers: The .NET System.Collections.Hashtable reference type

Return Values



EXAMPLE 1 Update a NetScaler gateway STA configuration

$netscalerConfiguration = Read-STFNetScalerConfiguration –Path C:\NSG\
# Test cmdlet returns two invalid STA servers that cannot be resolved
$results = Test-STFSecureTicketAuthority -StaConfigurationObject
# Update the invalid STA servers
Update-STFSecureTicketAuthority -StaConfigurationObject $netscalerConfiguration –StaServers @{ “” = “”, “” = “” }


Updates STA server urls within the configuration object with new STA urls.

An STA url provided by NetScaler may not resolve on an internal network so

will need updating to a StoreFront local address.

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