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Known Limitations

There are two known limitations for some Android devices of specific manufacturers.

  1. For some Huawei devices, secondary launch is disabled by default. To use this version of the Virtual Channel SDK, you must change the setting on your device.

    For example, for Huawei P9, follow the steps below:

    In Phone Manager, choose App auto-launch, then choose Secondary launch management, and enable the virtual driver services. alt_text!

  2. For some Samsung devices with Android 6.0.1, if the app containing the custom virtual driver service is not in foreground for long time, the virtual driver service cannot be started by Citrix Workspace app for Android. The requirement for using Samsung devices with Android 6.0.1 is that you must launch virtual driver App manually every time before you launch an ICA session. Note that the requirement here is not to start the virtual driver service manually. It is to start the App that contains the service by clicking the icon of this App.

Was this article helpful?