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Setting up your environment

To use the Fast Connect API you must first configure your site appropriately:

  1. In StoreFront, enable the HTTP Basic authentication method as follows: Manage authentication methods
  2. If Citrix Workspace app for Linux is running, close it.
  3. If the Authentication Manager (AM) daemon is running, terminate it.
  4. Add the following key to the AM configuration file ($ICAROOT/config/AuthManConfig.xml) to allow HTTP Basic authentication, which is needed for SSO:

If the protocol key is already present and configured with other protocols, add the HTTPBasic sub-key to the Protocols node.

Note: AM’s configuration file included with Citrix Workspace app for Linux 13.10 contains an example of how to enable HTTPBasic support.

5. Start Citrix Workspace app for Linux.

6. You can now inject a user name and password into the SSO functionality by interacting with the Fast Connect API, using the LogonSsoUser() function described later in this document.

7. If you are prompted for an account, specify the URL for your StoreFront Service Site. A StoreFront URL looks like this: https://SMBSZ-XENAPPS1.xa.local/Citrix/Store/discovery

8. To get the store accepted, confirm the store’s URL.

9. If the credentials injected in step 6 are valid for the store you just configured, you will be immediately logged on to your account:

StoreFront home page

Receiver on the endpoint is now set up for SSO and Fast Connect API use.

10. If you want to remove the credentials from SSO, use the LogoffSsoUser() function described in the following section.

Was this article helpful?