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Launching Applications and Session Management using the Self Service Plug-in (SSP)

All the following commands are called on SelfService.exe, which is located in %CitrixWorkspaceAppInstalllocation%\SelfServicePlugin

Note that command-line parameters are case-sensitive.

-qlaunch <application friendly name&gt

This command launches a named application by its friendly name. If the application is already running it will automatically reconnect it.

This replaces pnagent.exe /CitrixShortcut: (2) /QLaunch "ACME:Wordpad"


This command gets the user’s credentials from SSO and reconnects any active user sessions.

Use –fastterminate or –terminate first if a different user is logged on.


This command disconnects all current users’ applications and exits.

This replaces pnagent /terminate


This command logs off the current user and leaves their applications connected. This is for use in shared endpoint scenarios.

-terminateuser <user&gt

This command disconnects a specific user’s applications and exits.

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