APIs to manage Image Portability Service

The Image Portability Service feature simplifies the management of images across platforms.

Use Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) REST APIs to manage images between on-premises resource locations, and public clouds. The Image Portability Service automates the administration of resources within a Virtual Apps and Desktops site.

Use these APIs to streamline the following IT administrative tasks:

  • Deploy master images on-premises, using either Machine Creation Services or Citrix Provisioning.
  • Prepare on-premises images in Citrix Provisioning, Citrix XenServer or VMware vSphere, and migrate them to your public cloud subscription, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

To perform these IT administrative tasks using REST APIs, follow the Image Portability workflow. The Image Portability workflow begins when you use Citrix Cloud to initiate the migration of an image from your on-premises location to your public cloud subscription. Prepare your image, use the Image Portability service to transfer the image to your public cloud subscription and prepare it to run. Finally, Machine Creation Services provisions the image in your public cloud subscription.

For information about Image Portability requirements, prerequisites and workflows, see the Image Portability documentation.

Use Image Portability with Citrix DaaS REST APIs or the Remote PowerShell SDK to fully automate multi-hybrid cloud image management with Citrix DaaS.


All Image Portability Service API requests require authentication which is specified in the following parameters:

  • Citrix CustomerID: CustomerId is passed in the Citrix-CustomerId header
  • CCAuth Token: Secure HTTP requests sent to Citrix Cloud (CC) use a custom ‘Authorization’ header that contains a CC bearer token. Bearer tokens are required for actions that take place on behalf of a user.

For information on how to obtain the Citrix-CustomerId and generate a custom Authorization header that contains the bearer token, see the Get started with Citrix Cloud APIs section.

Image portability service OpenAPI Specification
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APIs to manage Image Portability Service

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