Citrix ITSM Adapter service

Introduction to Citrix IT Service Management Adapter service

Citrix IT Service Management (ITSM) Adapter is a cloud service that integrates with ServiceNow solutions to automate provisioning and managing of Citrix resources. It helps reduce the time IT help desks spend on manual and one-off processes and helps organizations enhance end-user productivity and focus on business strategies.

For more information, see the ITSM Adapter service documentation.

Introduction to custom activities in Citrix ITSM connector

ServiceNow provides the infrastructure that performs data collection, storage, and application development on a single platform. The Workflow Editor is the interface for creating and modifying workflows by arranging and connecting activities to drive processes.

The Citrix ITSM connector plug-in is developed on the ITSM SaaS environment provided by ServiceNow. Currently, Citrix provides several native workflows, such as reset a session, request a desktop, request applications, add MCS-created machines, power manage VDI desktops, and more.

Citrix keeps developing new workflows and improving existing workflows to provide more benefits for customers. However, Citrix understands the IT Service Management workflows in each organization might be different, native workflows can’t meet the needs of all customers, and some customers want to customize their own workflows.

Based on these facts, Citrix develops custom activities for customers to create or customize workflows on their own. If the Citrix ITSM connector plug-in in ServiceNow is installed, the custom activities are natively included. Customers can reuse those custom activities, which save development time and costs. For more information, see ServiceNow Orchestration activity designer.

For more information on the ITSM Adapter, see the ITSM Adapter service documentation.

Who can use the custom activities

To use the custom activities, you must have a ServiceNow account that is granted at least both of the following roles:

  • x_cion_citrix_it_s.ctx_itsm_admin role
  • workflow_creator or workflow_admin role

You can use the custom activities to create workflows for the following purposes:

  • Accessing the Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service)
  • Handling user requests
  • Automatically manage the alerts and notifications from Citrix Cloud

Rate limits

To reduce the performance risk to the Citrix DaaS, the ITSM Adapter service limits the number of concurrent activities it can run to 10. We recommend you not frequently retrieve data from your Citrix DaaS environments to ServiceNow by using the activities.

Introduction to Citrix IT Service Management Adapter service