Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops SDK



Citrix Broker - Configuring Controller Discovery

Short Description

Describes the way that machines providing published resources discover delivery controllers.

Long Description

In order for the broker to be able to connect users to desktops and applications, the machines from which they are published must register (that is, establish communication) with the broker on an appropriate delivery controller in the delivery site.

The default operation, whose configuration is described in this topic, is to use information from the registry. This is referred to as registry-based controller discovery. The registry information can be supplied when installing the delivery agent software on each machine or it can be supplied through group-policy.

If machines are provisioned using quick deploy, information about delivery controllers is stored in a special “identity disk” attached to the VM.

Finally, in some deployments, the use of an Organizational Unit (OU) in Active Directory (AD) may be preferred. This is referred to as AD-based controller discovery. In this case, you must configure the GUID of the OU in the machines’ registries. Such configuration is not described in this topic.

To perform registry-based controller discovery, run the PowerShell script called Set-ADControllerDiscovery.ps1 that is installed on each controller in the folder:

$Env:ProgramFiles\Citrix\Broker\Service\Setup Scripts

For more information, run this script with the -help parameter.