Citrix Virtual Channel SDK for Citrix Workspace app for Windows

Using the Virtual Channel SDK

Before using the Virtual Channel SDK, install the WFAPI SDK. You must have administrator privileges.

  1. Set up the compiler environment for each of the target platforms you build. The MAKEFILEs use variables to find the compiler and its files. Normally, installing the compiler sets these variables as environment variables; for example, vsvars32.bat. If not, you can set the environment variables or set the defaults in the MAKEFILE src\examples\build\user.mak.

  2. From the Start menu, choose Run, and type c:\path\vcsdk, where c:\path is the path to the Virtual Channel SDK .zip extracted package.

  3. Log off and log on or set the CLNTROOT environment variable to the directory where the SDK resides (for example, c:\path\vcsdk).

Using the Virtual Channel SDK

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