For new applications we recommend using the Web API as this is simpler to use, can be used from browser-based web apps, and requires fewer calls to achieve the same results.

The StoreFront Store Services allows clients to access Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop resources, query their properties and perform various actions on those resources, such as:

  • Enumerate and aggregate the resources from various servers, with load-balancing and failover support for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop farms with multiple controllers.
  • Launch apps or desktops remotely using the ICA or RDP protocols.
  • Launch streamed apps
  • Power Off certain desktops.
  • Retrieve images and icons for resources.
  • Subscription to resources, allowing different clients to store data associated with a subscribed resource.

Also there are end-point, account, and discovery services to aid the client in locating the various services available in a StoreFront installation.


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