StoreFront Web API

StoreFront provides a HTTP API. It is suitable for consumption by a JavaScript/Ajax client running in a Web browser or by native applications developed using a wide variety of languages and frameworks.

The main operations available through this API include:

  • Authenticating users through a variety of methods: explicit forms, domain pass-through, smart card, NetScaler Gateway Single Sign-On, and post credentials.
  • Enumerating applications and desktops.
  • Enumerating available HDX sessions.
  • Reconnecting, disconnecting, and logging off HDX sessions.
  • Launching applications and desktops.
  • Powering off specific VDI desktops.
  • Retrieving images and icons for applications and desktops.
  • Subscribing to applications.

This API is useful for anyone who wants to write a new Web UI or integrate StoreFront into their own Web portal.

StoreFront Web API OpenAPI Specification
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StoreFront Web API

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