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Endpoints Service

This service returns a list of all the endpoints available with their associated metadata. An endpoint is essentially the URL of a service that the client can use to start a communication with the server. The endpoint service itself is considered an endpoint and it is included in the response.

Note: The endpoints service is not limited to the Store service (it is shared with, for example, the authentication service), but is defined here.


URL Method Description
/endpoints/v1/ GET Returns the list of all the endpoints available.


  • The request does not require an Authorisation token.


Response Code Description
200 Success

Success Response Content

In the case that a successful reponse is returned, the response body contains an Xml document giving the list of endpoints available. Each endpoint has the following data:

  • id : Uniquely identifies the endpoint.
  • url: The absolute URL of the endpoint.
  • capabilities: A list of strings identifying the capabilities supported by the endpoint.
Response Format Request Accept /Response Content-Type Header
Xml application/vnd.citrix.endpoints+xml

The result content is Xml described by the schema: /Schemas/Endpoints.xsd.

Example: Successful Endpoints Enumeration


Accept: application/vnd.citrix.endpoints+xml
Authorization: CitrixAuth security-token


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.citrix.endpoints+xml
Content-Length: xxx
Cache-Control: xxx
<endpoints xmlns=""> <endpoint id="Endpoints">
<url></url> <capabilities>
  <endpoint id="ListResourcesWithAutoProvision">
<url></url> <capabilities>
<capability>ResourcesEnumerationV2</capability> <capability>AutoProvision</capability> <capability>group:core</capability>