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Citrix Workspace app for Linux OEM Reference Guide

The purpose of this document is to support Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who integrate Citrix® Workspace app™ for Linux® into their own or customers' deployments. The document helps you:

  • Modify or replace the Citrix Workspace app for Linux installation
  • Customize the Citrix Workspace app for Linux user interface
  • Remove or replace Citrix Workspace app for Linux libraries

There are two parts to this document: a set of task-based procedures for configuring Citrix Workspace app, and tables of reference information for command-line utilities, .ini files, and library files.

This document is intended for developers of products that include Workspace app for Linux. If you are planning to modify the user interface of Workspace app for Linux, Citrix recommends that you read the entire manual.

The Citrix Product Documentation site contains the official product documentation for Citrix Workspace app for Linux. This includes configuration instructions and known issues that may be useful when customizing this component.

Was this article helpful?