Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops SDK


Gets the current XenDesktop broker site.


Get-BrokerSite [-ReuseMachinesWithoutShutdownInOutageAllowed <Boolean>] [-AdminAddress <String>] [-BearerToken <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

The Get-BrokerSite cmdlet gets the current broker site.

The broker site is a top-level, logical representation of the XenDesktop site, from the perspective of the brokering services running within the site. It defines various site-wide default attributes used by the brokering services.

A XenDesktop installation has only a single broker site instance.

Brokersite Object

The BrokerSite object represents logical representation of the XenDesktop site. It contains the following properties:

  • BaseOU (System.Guid?) The objectGUID property identifying the base OU in Active Directory used for desktop registrations.

  • BrokerServiceGroupUid (System.Guid) The Uid for the Broker Service Group.

  • ColorDepth (Citrix.Broker.Admin.SDK.ColorDepth) The default color depth for new desktop groups.

  • ConfigLastChangeTime (System.DateTime) The time the broker configuration was changed.

  • ConfigurationServiceGroupUid (System.Guid?) The Uid for the Configuration Service Group.

  • ConnectionLeasingEnabled (System.Boolean?) Always false. Connection leasing is no longer supported.

  • DefaultMinimumFunctionalLevel (Citrix.Broker.Admin.SDK.FunctionalLevel?) The default minimum functional level used for new catalogs and desktop groups when no explicit value is provided.

  • DesktopGroupIconUid (System.Int32) The default desktop icon used for new desktop groups.

  • DnsResolutionEnabled (System.Boolean) The setting to configure whether numeric IP address or the DNS name to be present in the ICA file.

  • IsSecondaryBroker (System.Boolean) Reserved for internal use.

  • LicensedSessionsActive (System.Int32?) The count of active licensed session.

  • LicenseEdition (System.String) The license edition for session brokering.

  • LicenseGraceSessionsRemaining (System.Int32?) The count of Concurrent License Grace Sessions Remaining

  • LicenseModel (Citrix.Broker.Admin.SDK.LicenseModel?) The licensing model in use. Values can be ‘Concurrent’ or ‘UserDevice’

  • LicenseServerName (System.String) The DNS for License Server Name

  • LicenseServerPort (System.Int32) The port for the License Server

  • LicensingBurnIn (System.String) The date for the license to end in yyyy.MMdd format

  • LicensingBurnInDate (System.DateTime?) The date for the license to end

  • LicensingGraceHoursLeft (System.Int32?) The number of grace hours left after license expiry

  • LicensingGracePeriodActive (System.Boolean?) The indicator for licensing grace period active

  • LicensingOutOfBoxGracePeriodActive (System.Boolean?) The indicator for licensing out of the box grace period active

  • LocalHostCacheEnabled (System.Boolean) The indicator that the Local Host Cache feature is switched on

  • MetadataMap (System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<string, string>) The metadata for this command.

  • Name (System.String) The name of the site

  • PeakConcurrentLicenseUsers (System.Int32?) The peak number of concurrent license users

  • ReuseMachinesWithoutShutdownInOutageAllowed (System.Boolean) Specifies whether or not power cycle behavior during outage can be overriden on a delivery group level.

  • SecureIcaRequired (System.Boolean) The default SecureICA usage requirements for new desktop groups.

  • TotalUniqueLicenseUsers (System.Int32?) The total count of license users

  • TrustManagedAnonymousXmlServiceRequests (System.Boolean) The XML Service managed anonymous settings.

  • TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort (System.Boolean) The XML Service trust settings.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
ReuseMachinesWithoutShutdownInOutageAllowed Specifies whether or not power cycle behavior during outage can be overriden on a delivery group level. false false  
AdminAddress Specifies the address of a XenDesktop controller that the PowerShell snapin will connect to. This can be provided as a host name or an IP address. false false Localhost. Once a value is provided by any cmdlet, this value will become the default.
BearerToken Specifies the bearer token assigned to the calling user false false  

Input Type


You cannot pipe input into this cmdlet.

Return Values


Get-BrokerSite returns the single broker site instance.


Example 1

C:\PS> Get-BrokerSite


Gets the current broker site.