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Citrix Endpoint Management Micro VPN SDK for Android

The Citrix Endpoint Management Micro VPN SDK is designed to allow a true per-App VPN connection without requiring MDM. It exposes APIs to the application that enables the creation of the WebSSO network tunnel, providing a framework for the application to receive and respond to asynchronous events.

Why use the Micro VPN SDK

Current MDX provides an app wrapping approach that modifies the original apk file and generates a wrapped apk file that causes different kinds of compatibility issues for the app wrapping. Also, it provides lot of lower level hooking that breaks often with OS changes.

Citrix Micro VPN SDK provides APIs to start secure per-app VPN tunnel and to enable objects for network tunneling. This gives app developers more control over when to start a network tunnel and they can avoid all the above mentioned app wrapping issues. Also it will help to avoid several Android OS compatibility issues.


You will need following softwares/tools etc.

  • JDK 8 or above
  • Android Studio 3.1 or above
  • Android Device or Android Virtual Device
  • Secure Hub App v19.3.5+ from Google Play Store
  • Keystore for MDX file generation