The Citrix micro VPN plug-in for Cordova (@citrix/cordova-plugin-android-mvpn) is designed to allow per-app VPN connections without requiring mobile device management (MDM). This plug-in enables the creation of a Web SSO network tunnel for an app developed using Cordova. With the micro VPN plug-in for Cordova, apps are no longer required to be wrapped with the MDX Toolkit.

Citrix supports the following Cordova plug-ins:

  • InAppBrowser
  • Fetch
  • WebView

Why use the Cordova micro VPN plug-in?

The current MDX technology uses an app wrapping approach that modifies the original APK file and generates a wrapped APK file. This process causes different kinds of compatibility issues during app wrapping. This approach uses low-level hooking, which can cause stability problems due to frequent changes in the operating system.

The Citrix Cordova micro VPN plug-in provides APIs to start secure per-app VPN tunnels and to enable objects for network tunneling. It gives app developers more control over when to start a network tunnel while also avoiding any app wrapping issues. The Citrix micro VPN plug-in for Cordova also improves the user experience by reducing Android operating system compatibility issues.

For general information about the MAM SDK for administrators, see the Citrix product documentation article, MAM SDK overview. This article lists supported device operating systems and platforms. The article also lists steps for using the MAM SDK, from file extraction to app deployment, and distribution from within the Citrix Endpoint Management console.

What’s new

For information on the latest release, see the citrix-mam-sdks repository in GitHub.