Citrix Workspace app

Provides instant, secure, and seamless access to all the resources that your end users need to stay productive. This includes access to virtual desktops, virtual apps, web and SaaS apps, and features such as embedded browsing, and single sign-on (from anywhere and from any device).

Workspace Environment Management SDK

Provides various Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 cmdlets to create and upgrade your WEM databases and to perform tasks on the infrastructure service.

Citrix Provisioning

Delivers patches, updates, and other configuration information to multiple virtual desktop endpoints through a shared desktop image.

Citrix DaaS

Manages resources and simplifies image management across platforms on your virtual apps and desktops.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provide an SDK based on a number of Microsoft Windows PowerShell version 3.0 cmdlets that allows you to perform the same tasks as you would with the Citrix Studio console, together with tasks you cannot do with Studio alone.

Citrix StoreFront

Automates deployments using PowerShell, customize how apps and desktops are presented to your users, or develop your own applications using StoreFront APIs.

Citrix ITSM Adapter service

Designs Citrix DaaS workflows to manage access, user requests, alerts, and notifications using Citrix ITSM connector plug-in.

Citrix Remote Browser Isolation

Provides safe internet access and automatically direct users to Remote Browser Isolation from a proxy or another system.

Mobile Application Integration

Builds, validates, and distributes native Android and iOS apps. Secure and enhance the mobile device experience.

Global App Configuration Service

Configures Workspace service URLs and Workspace app settings through a centrally managed service.

Citrix Endpoint Management Reporting API

Provides a simplified API suitable for report creation and consumption.

Citrix Workspace Platform

Delivers secure and unified access to apps, desktops, and content (resources) from anywhere, on any device. These resources can be Citrix DaaS, content apps, local and mobile apps, SaaS and Web apps, and browser apps. Citrix Workspace platform covers both the user experience and the admin experience in Citrix Cloud.

Citrix Cloud

Interacts with Citrix Cloud through its APIs to host and administer your workspaces using Citrix cloud services.

Workspace Environment Management

Manages and optimizes the resources of WEM-managed Windows devices.

Citrix Federated Authentication Service PowerShell cmdlets

Provides various Microsoft Windows PowerShell cmdlets in a PowerShell snapin. These cmdlets allow you to perform advanced configuration functions.

Citrix Secure Private Access

Enables the administrators to provide a cohesive experience integrating single sign-on, remote access, and content inspection into a single solution for end-to-end access control.

Citrix Virtual Channel SDK for Linux VDA

Enables access to the Linux virtual apps and desktops anywhere from any device where Citrix Workspace app is installed.

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