About Secure Private Access REST APIs

Use the Secure Private Access REST APIs to directly configure multiple applications and policies. You can use these APIs to automate the following tasks:

  • Manage your applications. This includes application certificates and application routing in addition to the applications.
  • Manage your access policies.
  • Import and export the app configuration.

Prerequisites to use the Secure Private Access APIs

A Citrix Cloud account is required to use Secure Private Access APIs. For more details, see the Get started with Citrix Cloud APIs. To get started login to Citrix Cloud.


  • The administrator is responsible for the sanity of the configuration.
    • There is no check for non-logical configuration (for example, contradicting rules in a policy)
    • There is no check for the validity of the overall configuration (for example, adding two or more policies with the same priority)
  • There is no help/wizard/autocomplete to create the configuration. The configuration syntax (access rules/conditions/actions) must be created earlier. HTTP get can be leveraged on the existing configuration.
Access Security OpenAPI Specification
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About Secure Private Access REST APIs