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Configure StoreFront

StoreFront PowerShell API

Citrix StoreFront provides an API based on Microsoft Windows PowerShell modules. With the API, you can perform all the tasks that you would do with the StoreFront management console, and more.


API reference

Customize StoreFront

StoreFront Client UI Customization API

Use the Customization API to brand or customize your end users’ workspace app experience beyond capabilities provided in the StoreFront administration console. Customizations apply to the website and Citrix Workspace app for Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, Android, and Linux. This is available for StoreFront 3.0 and higher.

Store Customization SDK

The StoreFront Store Customization SDK allows you to alter the sets of resources presented to Receivers, details of launch requests etc. It requires writing a .NET assembly using C# installed onto the StoreFront server. SDK Download

StoreFront Authentication SDK

The Citrix StoreFront Authentication SDK enables developers to create custom forms-based authentication methods and authentication protocols and deploy customizations to StoreFront servers. SDK Download

Build your own applications

StoreFront Web API

The Web API is an HTTP API that allows clients to connect to StoreFront to access resources. These services allow remote clients to access these resources, query their properties and perform various actions on those resources. Examples of resources include: apps, mobile apps, desktops, documents, etc.

StoreFront Store Services API

The Store Services is a legacy HTTP API with similar functionality to the Web API. In general we recommend using the Web API as it is simpler to use and requires fewer calls to achieve the same results but there are some differences in functionality. SDK Download



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