Android Enterprise - Test your MDX-enabled app


This page is a quick start guide for testing your app when distributed through the Android Enterprise platform. We outline the process of testing your MDX-enabled app, from enrolling your device through the Secure Hub app to installing your app on your device.


Before you proceed, ensure that you have met the following pre-requisites:

  • You have successfully built your MDX-enabled app.
  • You have published your MDX-enabled app through the Android Enterprise platform.
  • You have an android device to test your MDX-enabled app.

Enrollment and Testing

  1. Skip to Step 9 if you have completed the following:

    • You have Secure Hub installed on your device.
    • Your device is enrolled in the correct environment.
    • You can see the Work Profile visible in your app drawer.
  2. Install Secure Hub on your device through the Google Play Store.

    Install Secure Hub

  3. Accept the permission requests to allow Secure Hub to operate.

  4. Enter your site URL and click Next.

    Enter site URL

  5. Enter the login credentials of your organization and click Next.

    Login to your organization

  6. Enroll your device by clicking Yes, Enroll.

    Enroll your device

  7. Set up Work Profile by clicking Accept and Continue. Click Next when the work profile is created.

    Complete work profile

  8. Depending on the device policies set, you might be prompted to perform additional tasks like setting or entering a device password.

  9. From the Secure Hub app, click Add apps from store. Then select your app, and click Add > Install > Open.

    Click Add apps from store Select your app
    Add from store Select app
    Click Add Click Install
    Click Add Click Install
  10. The app is now accessible from the Work Profile on your device.

    Open app

Android Enterprise - Test your MDX-enabled app