Citrix StoreFront SDK PowerShell Modules


Creates a new StoreFront Store Service at the supplied IIS VirtualPath and optional SiteId.


Add-STFStoreService [-AuthenticationService] <AuthenticationService> [-VirtualPath] <String> [[-SiteId] <Int64>] [[-FarmName] <String>] [[-FarmType] <XenApp | XenDesktop | AppController | VDIinaBox | Store>] [[-Servers] <String[]>] [[-ServiceUrls] <String[]>] [[-Port] <Int32>] [[-TransportType] <HTTP | HTTPS | SSL>] [[-SSLRelayPort] <Int32>] [[-LoadBalance] <Boolean>] [[-AllFailedBypassDuration] <Int32>] [[-BypassDuration] <Int32>] [[-FriendlyName] <String>] [[-Zones] <String[]>] [[-ConnectionString] <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Add-STFStoreService [-Anonymous] <SwitchParameter> [-VirtualPath] <String> [[-SiteId] <Int64>] [[-FarmName] <String>] [[-FarmType] <XenApp | XenDesktop | AppController | VDIinaBox | Store>] [[-Servers] <String[]>] [[-ServiceUrls] <String[]>] [[-Port] <Int32>] [[-TransportType] <HTTP | HTTPS | SSL>] [[-SSLRelayPort] <Int32>] [[-LoadBalance] <Boolean>] [[-AllFailedBypassDuration] <Int32>] [[-BypassDuration] <Int32>] [[-FriendlyName] <String>] [[-Zones] <String[]>] [[-ConnectionString] <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

StoreFront stores aggregate desktops and applications, making them available to users. Stores appear in Citrix Receiver under users’ accounts, so choose a VirtualPath that gives users information about the content of the store.


Name Description Required? Pipeline Input Default Value
VirtualPath The IIS VirtualPath at which the Store will be configured to be accessed by Receivers true false  
SiteId The IIS Site to configure the Store Service within false false  
AuthenticationService The StoreFront Authentication Service to use for authenticating users true true (ByValue)  
Anonymous Anonymous Store not requiring authentication true false  
FarmName The Farm name to use for the supplied XenApp\XenDesktop servers false false  
FarmType The type of farm being configured for the servers supplied false false  
Servers The servers to configure for the initial XenApp\XenDesktop farm false false  
ServiceUrls The url to the service location used to provide web and SaaS apps via this farm. false false  
Port The XML service port used for communicating with the XenApp\XenDesktop servers false false  
TransportType The type of transport to use for the Xml service communication false false  
SSLRelayPort The XenApp SSLRelay port used for the XML service. Only applicable to XenApp 6.5 servers and earlier false false  
LoadBalance Load balance the servers or use in failover order if specifying more than one false false  
AllFailedBypassDuration The period in minutes to wait before retrying communicating will all servers should they all fail. false false  
BypassDuration Time period in minutes to bypass a server when resources are unavailable false false  
FriendlyName Friendly name to identify the Store false false  
Zones List of Zone names associated with the initial XenApp\XenDesktop farm false false  
ConnectionString Specify the Sql Server connection string to use for the Subscriptions database false false  

Input Type


Parameter VirtualPath: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter SiteId: The .NET System.Int64 value type


Parameter AuthenticationService: A .NET class representing the configuration of a StoreFront Authentication service


Parameter Anonymous: The .NET System.Management.Automation.SwitchParameter value type


Parameter FarmName: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter FarmType: The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Store.FarmType value type


Parameter Servers: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter ServiceUrls: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter Port: The .NET System.Int32 value type


Parameter TransportType: The .NET Citrix.StoreFront.Model.Store.TransportType value type


Parameter SSLRelayPort: The .NET System.Int32 value type


Parameter LoadBalance: The .NET System.Boolean value type


Parameter AllFailedBypassDuration: The .NET System.Int32 value type


Parameter BypassDuration: The .NET System.Int32 value type


Parameter FriendlyName: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter Zones: The .NET System.String reference type


Parameter ConnectionString: The .NET System.String reference type

Return Values


A .NET class representing the configuration of a StoreFront Store service


EXAMPLE 1 Create a new Store

Add-STFStoreService -VirtualPath /Citrix/Store -AuthenticationService $authenticationService -FarmName "Controller" -FarmType XenApp -Servers xenapp1, xenapp2


Creates a new Store using an existing Authentication Service