Citrix Daas SDK



Broker Service Configuration Data


The detailed behavior of the Broker service can be configured using settings available via the Set/Get-BrokerServiceConfigurationData SDK cmdlets. The Get-BrokerServiceConfigurationData cmdlet shows a list of currently configured settings. A setting that has not been configured has its default value and does not appear in this list. An example setting can be specified as follows:

Core Settings


Type: int Default Value: 600000 Summary:

Controls both the interval and timeouts used for the keep-alive ‘pings’ from the VDA.

This value is sent from the DDC to VDA and causes the VDA to ping the DDC at an interval half that of the time specified by this setting. By default the DDC will consider contact to have been lost, and discard the VDA’s registration, if no ping is received within the full time specified (i.e. the timeout is double the ping interval).

This setting is dynamic, that is, changing it immediately alters both the active ping interval for all VDAs and the maximum interval enforced by the DDC.

The maximum period over which no ping is received before contact is considered to have been lost can be controlled independently of the VDA ping interval itself using the MaxHeartbeatIntervalMs setting.


Type: int Default Value: 10 Summary:

Maximum time that the VDA will wait for VDI sessions to disconnect when requested as part of user-driven restart request from StoreFront. This timeout value is sent to the VDA as part of the disconnect request and thus has no impact on the overall request timeout if there are network connectivity issues (see DisconnectOperationTimeOutSecs).


Type: int Default Value: 600 Summary:

Maximum time within which the registration sequence for a single machine must complete. This refers to both immediate hard registrations, and soft to hard registration transitions. If the registration fails to complete within this time then the machine’s partial registration is discarded by the broker.


Type: int Default Value: 200 Summary:

Used for logon ticket lifetime, VDA listening timeout, and deadline imposed by the broker for evidence of client connection.


Type: int Default Value: 11000 Summary:

The limit for the number of registered VDAs that the controller will accept.

Hostingmanagement Settings


Type: int Default Value: 259200 Summary:

How long a completed power action is retained in the database before being purged.


Type: int Default Value: 2 Summary:

How many times a VM can fail to register before we put it into maintenance mode. A negative value means that we never automatically put a VM into maintenance mode.


Type: int Default Value: 20 Summary:

How long to wait in minutes after a VM is powered on before a failure to receive a registration from the VM is deemed a problem.

This setting is also used in combination with the RebootSchedule/MaxShutdownDelayMin setting to define the maximum allowed time for a machine (either physical or a VM) to successfully reboot during reboot schedule processing.

Logging Settings


Type: int Default Value: 48 Summary:

Time for which connection log entries are kept before being purged.


Type: int Default Value: 168 Summary:

Time for which hypervisor alert entries are kept before being purged.

Namecache Settings


Type: int Default Value: 60 Summary:

Starting period after which cached AD user/group account name, or machine name details are refreshed in the case where the SAM name of the cached entity could not be obtained (the cache may thus either contain no SAM name information, or potentially an out of date value). This period is increased exponentially depending on the number of consecutive lookup failures.


Type: int Default Value: 1440 Summary:

Period after which cached AD user/group account name, or machine name details are refreshed in the case where the SAM name of the cached entity was successfully obtained.

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